Avoid weight gain this holiday season!

Avoid Weight Gain This Holiday Season!

By: Allysa Holt

Hello friends!!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Mine has always been pumpkin pie. As the years have come and gone I am now feeling the effects on my body of, Shall we say, OVERINDULGING? I come to you on this Monday of thanksgiving week with some tips to help keep your “post Thanksgiving” mind at ease. We all know how hard it is to stay on track this week (even though the big day isn’t for 4 days!). Thanksgiving week is full of family, fun, and best of all DELICIOUS TREATS! Lets work together to have our most “controlled” thanksgiving yet! And you don’t even have to avoid the foods you love!

Tips 1: Allow yourself to indulge without feeling Guilty!

This seems to be a hard one for most. If you’re like me you beat yourself up when you cheat and start to feel guilty for what you eat. I am here to say STOP IT! It’s ok to enjoy what you eat! In fact if you’re living a balanced healthy life style you absolutely should be able to have something sweet or salty and fully take in the experience!

Tip 2: Plan when you will cheat and what you will cheat with

I’m not saying spend all week eating cookies, pies and drinking wine! If you know you want a piece of pie and a glass of wine after dinner on Thursday plan to skip the extra treats and dig into what you really are looking forward to!

Tip 3: Hop back on the bandwagon right after you indulge

Many times our minds trick us into thinking, “Oh well, I cheated today (Thursday) and my week is off to a bad start, ill start a diet next week.” Don’t let your mind control you! Wake up on Friday morning and get right back to a healthy nutrient dense meal! The pounds pack on when we continually make the wrong choices. TRUST ME your body will thank you and you will avoid that sugar hangover!

Tip 4: Control your portions

If you like to have a taste of everything on the holidays just take a small amount of each and then go back for more of what you really want. If you love pumpkin pie have 1 piece now and maybe 1 piece the next day DONT eat the entire Pie. If you love wine have a glass or two not a bottle or two. Enjoy the flavor of a small amount instead of eating a large amount so quickly you can’t even taste it.


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Hey! I'm a personal trainer living in vancouver Washington. I love health and fitness but most of all I love helping people feel great!
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