At Home Dumbbell Workout

At Home Dumbbell Workout

Looking for a good quick workout at home or in the gym? Go through all of these exercises 3-5 times with little to no rest. Lets work that body in the new year!

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  • V-hold press x12: Balance on your tailbone with arms over head placing your hands next to ears and legs straight in front making a “V” shape with your body. keep your shoulders back and your neck tucked in. Press weights above head and lower back to starting position. You can place heels on floor if this is to difficult.
  • 1 leg arm circles x6 each leg: Balance on one leg with weights straight above head. Keep arms straight and move in the direction away from your ears making a giant circle with arms. lower arms until they touch. As you move your arms, begin to bend at the hips and reach down for your toes. As the weights come together at the bottom you should be reaching for the ground on one leg. Lift hips and arms in a giant circular motion back to starting position.
  • Raised arm curl rotation x12 each: Flex Glutes throughout the entire movement. Start with arms straight out in  “T” shape. Begin to bend at the elbow and curl the weight in continuing to keep your elbows high. return to starting position and continue until 12 reps are complete. Next bring arms straight in front of the body with elbows raised. Curl the weights by bending the elbows and continuing to keep elbows up high. Continue for 12 reps.
  • Side plank rows x12 each: Begin in side plank position up on hand or elbow (you choose). Lift your hips as high as they can go an hold. Grab your weight with the free hand and hold it near your body in the front. Lift the elbow to the sky continuing to keep the dumbbell close to your chest. Lower and repeat movement.

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Hey! I'm a personal trainer living in vancouver Washington. I love health and fitness but most of all I love helping people feel great!
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